Kayla Green – Married Man Is No Match For Kayla

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I had a man named Marcello Bravo from Vienna climb into the taxi today. He asked to go to the Centre, because he had a meeting there. While we drove, his wife called him. I asked about his wife, and he told me they had fun with couples, but he never had fun alone. He asked if I was married, so I told him no, that I was a naughty girl who preferred fun! I wanted his dick, so I pulled over, and though he tried to be faithful to his wife, when I started stroking his cock, he forgot all about her! He felt up my big boobs while I gave him a blowjob, then I sat my ass down on his dick. It felt so good in my wet pussy, and I rode him in the backseat until it was time for him to cover me with his cum!